JAWO Sampling Solutions and Product Overview.

M&W JAWO Sampling is building the bridge between the Theory Of Sampling (TOS) and specific sampling products or a complete multi-stage sampling system for any customer who requires fully automated and high-quality representative sampling-solution.

Our multi-stage sampling systems consists of several individual customized products which are engineered, constructed and positioned together. This ensures a solution which meets international standards or even exceed them.

If Jawo Sampling is not what you are looking for, you may find what the products youd need in Mark & Wedell Big Science Products or M&W Engineering Products.

Current Leads
Annulus Pressure Relief for Oil & Gas well intervention and stimulation services
Burst discs/venting panels for Process Industry, Power Plants and Oil & Gas
Performance Liquid Chromatography for Pharma and Biotech
Storage and Mixing Solutions
Other products
JAWO Sampling Products: Primary Samplers
JAWO Sampling Products: Secondary Samplers, dividers and splitters
JAWO Sampling Products: Exctraction Samplers & Online Analyzers
JAWO Sampling Products: Material Transfer Equipment
JAWO Sampling Products: Sample magazines
Manpower & Services

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