Twin Roll Shredder (TRS).

What’s the benefit?

The Twin Roll Shredder (TRS):

  • Is made for soft and medium-hard materials, which are dry or slightly wet and semi-sticky.
  • Works well with materials like wood chips, waste wood, cardboard, plastics, coal, electro-scrap and some metal waste like milling waste.
  • Has a jaw-like knife design with serrated edges, which ensures power efficient shredding.
  • Is equipped with torque switches to prevent damage if a hard object (e.g. a tool) is accidentally dropped into it.
  • Is easily fitted into the process line with its low height.
  • Provides a unique self-cleaning action.
  • Is bolted together, which makes it easy to inspect for service and
    maintenance purposes and for replacement of spare parts. Each
    individual knife can easily be replaced.
  • Has a solid design and very reliable performance.
  • Has low maintenance costs and low noise level.

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TRS Product Brochure.

To find out more about our Twin Roll Shredder (TRS) please feel free to download product brochure:


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Jan Flemming Jørgensen (JFJ)

Jan Flemming Jørgensen

Sales Director

What does it do?

The Twin Roll Shredder (TRS) is designed for shredding of soft and medium-hard materials – dry or slightly wet and semi-sticky. For materials such as wood chips, waste wood, cardboard, plastics, coal, electro-scrap and some metal waste like milling waste.

The Twin Roll Shredder can be used as a primary, secondary or even tertiary crusher.

How does it do it?

The TRS consists of an inlet opening, two counter-rotating roll shafts each with independent gear driven motors and a base frame. The material is by gravity fed through a hopper or duct into the top inlet opening, from where it is drawn into the shredding zone, by the two counter-rotating roll shafts. The twin rolls can be controlled individually or synchronously.

To ensure that the particles exiting the shredding zone are small enough a sieve is placed underneath the roll shafts. If a particle cannot exit through the sieve, it is forced back into the inlet of the counter-rotating rollers for further shredding.

The design ensures a unique self-cleaning action.


What are the technical details?

Material type: Soft and medium-hard materials – dry or slightly wet and semi-sticky.

Drive unit: 2x Gear motors.

Voltage: 400/230 V – 50 Hz or as required.

Sensors: 2x Inductive sensors and 2x Torque switches.

Indicative Dimensions (LxWxH): 900x1350x650 mm.

Indicative weight: 450 kg.

Rotor speed: Adjustable. Possible speeds include: 75, 90 or 110 rpm.

Housing material: Painted mild steel.

Knives material: Hardox 600, chromium, manganese, or tungsten carbide. Subject to material.

Particle size (input): Up to 200 mm.

Particle size (output): Typically 5-20 mm. Or as required.

Material flow: Depends on material and rotor speed.


  1. As an option the TRS can be made as a single roll shredder.

Nota Bene

The rollers come in a variety of geometries equipped with bigger or smaller knives and in a variety of material (Hardox 600, chromium, manganese, or tungsten carbide). Roll geometry, material and rotation speed can be configured depending on the specific material requirements.

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