Vibration Feeder (VF).

What’s the benefit?

The Vibration Feeder (VF):

  • It is cost efficient and has low maintenance costs compared to a traditional conveyor belt.
  • Has a compact design and is well suited when there is space constraints.
  • Provides accurate dosing of sample material.
  • Can be used in combination with sieving of material (VF-M)

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VF Product Brochure.

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Torben Ekvall

Co-CEO & Owner

What does it do?

The Vibration Feeder (VF) is designed for conveying and dosing dry non-sticky bulk materials such as pellets, granules or powders by means of vibrations.

The unit can be integrated in any sampling systems where relatively small volumes of material have to be conveyed on a horizonal level.

The VF is normally used to perform dosing of sampled material to further sample preparation.

The VF-M is a vibration feeder including sieves with multiple outlets.

Variant 1:

The Vibration Feeder Drive (VF-D) is driven by an electromagnetic drive unit which is used to move the particles in the horizontal duct in a uniform manner. The VF-D is suitable for volumes up to approximately 75 l/min with a density up to 500 kg/m3.

Variant 2:

The Vibration Feeder Motor (VF-M) is driven by two unbalanced motors which are used to move the particles in the horizontal duct in a uniform manner. Compared to the VF-D the VF-M is suited for more volume and higher density.

Furthermore, the VF-M is required when the unit include sieves with multiple outlets.

How does it do it?

The VF consists of a transport pipe, a base plate, an electromagnet drive/unbalanced motor, leaf springs and rubber pads.

The pipe is attached directly to the vibration unit and has one inlet and dependent on configuration one or multiple outlets.

The vibration unit is used to move the particles in the tube in a uniform manner.

The speed of the material flow is adjustable.

What are the technical details?

The transport pipe is constructed in stainless steel. The VF-D is available in different lengths (m). The pipe is manufactured in stainless steel AISI304 and closed for maximum dust tightness.

Technical Data:
Drive unit: Electromagnetic motor
400/230V-50Hz or as required
Stainless steel
Vibration sensor (optional)
0,3 – 6,0 (m)


1. Both VF-M and VF-D is available in an ATEX version.

2. The VF-M can have multiple numbers of sieves installed to enable a sorting of the particles into different outlets.

Nota Bene 1

The VF is well suited for horizontal and declining material flow. However, it is not suited for an inclined vertical flow.

Nota Bene 2

For higher volumes of material the right solution is often a traditional conveyor belt.

In cases of very wet or sticky material the VF is not suitable.

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