Automated Truck & Train Sampling System (ATTSS)

What’s the benefit?

The Automated Truck & Train Sampling System (ATTSS):

  • Fully representative and unbiased samples taken in the X, Y and Z axis of load at a completely random point.
    – So you know exactly what you are buying or selling (no-one will cheat you ever again!).
  • Fully automated: No plant staff needed.
  • Proven technology for 20 years: Installed at 7 different plants – 3 during 2017-20. All in operation.
  • Camera monitoring and detection system removes risk of damaging truck, sampling unit and humans during sampling.
  • Can be used for all kinds of bulk materials:
    – Biomass
    – Metals and non-metals concentrates, crushed ores, iron fines
    – Coal and coke
    – Granular materials (fertilizer, potash, plastics, feedstuff, and grain)
    – Powders (limestone, mineral powder, pelletized sulphur)
  • Annual savings of Euro/USD 150-500,000.
  • High availability and requires very little maintenance (robust).

Download M&W JAWO Samplings Automated Truck & Train Sampling System brochure here


The Automated Truck & Train Sampling System is a fully representative and unbiased system that takes samples of bulk materials in the axis’ at a completely random sample point. The sampler for trucks and trains can be used at all kinds of plants and in different industries, where bulk materials are loaded on trucks or trains. It is also used as a switcher box when loading different types of materials from different suppliers onto one truck or train. The automated truck sampler is fully automated, so you know exactly what you are buying or selling. M&W JAWO Sampling’ sampling system solutions have been installed at 7 different plants in Canada, USA and South Africa during 2017-20. All are running smoothly today! Looking for other JAWO Sampling samplers? Take a look here: Cross Stream Sampler

ATTSS Product Brochure.

To find out more about our Automated Truck & Train Sampling System (ATTSS) please feel free to download product brochure:


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Bjarke Pålsson

Bjarke Pålsson

Co-CEO & Owner

What does it do?

The Automated Truck & Train Sampling System (ATTSS) takes one or several representative and unbiased sample(s) of each incoming or outgoing truck or train load according to relevant sampling standards (ISO, ASTM/ASME, GOST etc.).

Can be used for virtually any type of bulk materials.

How does it do it?

The Automated Truck & Train Sampling System (ATTSS) takes a fully representative and unbiased sample in the X, Y and Z axis at a completely random point of the truck or train load
– so you know exactly what you are buying or selling (no-one will cheat you ever again).
All steps in the Automated Truck & Train Sampling System process are explained below:

  1. At the weighbridge truck registration point: The driver receives a unique sampling label for final sample identifying supplier and truck
  2. Activation panel: The driver selects truck with trailer or only truck, tip trailer or walking floor and starts the sampling process – one or several samples per load is selected.
  3. The randomizer and light generation system calculates the chosen random sampling point, and the lighting system (up to 15 lights) guides the driver and truck to the first or second random sampling location.
  4. The camera monitoring and detection system ensures that the driver can activate the sampling unit without risk of hurting truck, sampling unit or humans during sampling. The monitoring system can also be available to the control room if needed. The driver activates the sampling unit by pushing a button.
  5. The sampling wagon on the gantry structure is activated and moves the sampling head to a random position in the width of the truck.
  6. The automated weather cover is activated ensuring that no rain or snow enters the sampling bucket during sampling.
  7. The sampling head is automatically activated and collects a representative sample at a random point in the depth of the truck load.
  8. The sampling head delivers the taken sample to the sampling receiver (hopper) inside the small sampling house. The sampling receiver is kept clean from contamination between each sample by means of the vibration and air cleaning unit.
  9. Included in the system is a Control Cabinet with HMI – unless agreed otherwise. Also included is surrounding steel structure, platforms and small sampling house – unless agreed otherwise. The PLC can be programmed allowing the sampling system to take one or multiple samples from the same truck load.
  10. The taken sample is delivered into an empty bucket below the sampling receiver. The driver closes the bucket with a lid and attaches the unique sampling label. The representative sample can then be taken for further analysis.
    An emergency wire below the activation button can be pulled at any time by the driver from inside the truck stopping the sampling unit if need be.
    To optimize security 5 different emergency stops are located at critical areas around the sampling system.

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