Camsizer Online 30

The CAMSIZER ONLINE 30 is a state-of-the art, online particle analyzer designed for dynamic and real-time analysis of particles ranging from 30 µm to 30 mm. The patented 3D particle analysis guarantees a precise measurement of particle size and shape.

What’s the benefit?


  • Patented 3D size and shape analysis of dry particles ranging in size from 30 µm to 30 mm
  • Robust Design for Harsh Environments: Ensures continuous, reliable online analysis in industrial settings for process control
  • Real-Time Production Line Monitoring: Offers continuous, immediate analysis of particle size and shape of each and every particle in the sampled lot
  • Eliminates Laboratory Delays: Provides on-site data, reducing reliance on time-consuming off-site testing.
  • Custom integrated sampling systems returning samples to the process.
  • 100% sieve correlation for accurate measurements.
  • Working 24/7, self-cleaning mechanism and low maintenance design
  • Seamless integration with plant control systems, making it versatile for a variety of industrial applications.
  • SOP feature for efficient unattended operation.
  • Applicable for a broad range of industries & materials including fertilizers, mined materials like crushed ores, iron sinter, aggregates, construction materials and sands, industrial minerals, limestone & dolomite, coke, coal & anthracite, biomass, polymers & EPS, chemicals, food & feedstuff, washing powder and glass beads.


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What does it do? 

Introducing the CAMSIZER ONLINE 30

The CAMSIZER ONLINE 30 is a state-of-the art, online particle analyzer designed for dynamic and real-time analysis of particles ranging from 30 µm to 30 mm. The patented 3D particle analysis guarantees a precise measurement of particle size and shape.

Particles are sampled from the material flow and transported via a funnel to a vibrating tray. As particles travel down this tray, they fall in a tumbling motion. The system’s high-speed, high-resolution cameras, supported by stroboscopic lighting, capture up to 300 pictures per second as each particle falls through the sensing zone.


3D technology for comprehensive analysis

Thanks to the extended field of view and long drop distance, each particle is analyzed up to 30 times and in different orientations, making the actual, three-dimensional particle morphology accessible for analysis. The non-intrusive particle analysis creates quick and reliable results which are easily calibrated to your quality control procedures.

The patented 3D technology of the CAMSIZER Online tracks every particle in a sample, often numbering between 1-2 million particles. It captures multiple images of each particle to measure dimensions such as length, width, thickness, perimeter, and area, all within a short processing period of 5-10 minutes.

The CAMSIZER ONLINE 30 can measure 32 morphological parameters of your material including size, shape, surface roughness, density, transparency, and of course 3D in one rapid and comprehensive analysis. Such detailed assessment is pivotal in fine-tuning process conditions and achieving optimal operational efficiency.


Durability and real-time analysis

Engineered for durability in tough industrial settings, the CAMSIZER ONLINE 30 guarantees continuous and reliable 24/7 online analysis, making it an indispensable tool for process control in demanding environments.

Plant operators are able to see the important 3D parameters for process control in real-time and run trend reports, enabling plants to anticipate problems before they occur. Integration with you Data Control System (DCS) takes full advantage of existing inside operators who monitor every aspect of your process.

By utilizing an alarm feature or color-coded graphs on the DCS, out-of-control situations are known immediately and gives your operators the ability to make real-time adjustments to keep the process running and in control.

Particle size distributions utilizing one or multiple size parameters can be reported, and a powerful filter functionality can enable the user to isolate groups of particles of particular interest and perform more targeted analysis.

The analyzer’s Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) capability enables users to define their specific analysis and then continuously run their SOPs with no operator involvement.


Revolutionizing production line monitoring

A revolution in production line monitoring, The CAMSIZER ONLINE 30 offers real-time analysis of particle size and shape by providing on-site data. This capability is crucial in minimizing dependence on slower, external laboratory testing, which is not only time-consuming but also poses safety risks for operators collecting samples. Traditional lab analysis, which can span 2 to 12 hours, is often subject to delays and material parameters changes, potentially compromising process optimization and material quality.

Additionally, the CAMSIZER ONLINE 30 ensures 100% sieve correlation, providing exact measurements and can be utilized for sieve mesh size verification.

In essence, the CAMSIZER ONLINE 30 is an essential asset for industries requiring precise, efficient, ad safe particle analysis, effectively bridging the gap between quality control and operational excellence.

How does it do it? 

The CAMSIZER ONLINE 30 uses patented 3D measurement technology with a high resolution high speed camera for detailed particle size and shape analysis of every single particle of the sampled lot. It captures high-resolution images, which are processed to measure particle size and shape. Dynamic Imaging characterizes the materials in motion by digitizing photographic images of the material and storing them in an image file.

The system employs high quality optics, ensuring precise measurements by tracking particles and all orientations through the sensing zone of the instrument. Software tracks each particles as it falls through the sensing zone, taking up to 300 pictures per second. The software automatically aligns the particles for viewing (with 6-30 images of each particle).

Housed in a IP66 industrial hardened enclosure, the CAMSIZER ONLINE is integrated with a standard or customized sampling system to provide realtime data for process control.

What are the technical details? 


Measuring range: ONLINE: 30 µm – 30 mm

Measurement principle: Dynamic image analysis

Type of analysis: Dry analysis of free flowing powders, granulates and bulk material.

Typical analysis time: approx. 5 – 10 minutes (depending on the desired measuring statistics)

Detection system: High-speed camera with 100 – 300 images per second (each with 5 MP)

Electrical: AC input: 100 – 132 VAC (120 VAC model) / 200 – 250 VAC (240 VAC model), 47-63 Hz, single phase

Power consumption: Approx. 75 VA maximum


  • Temperature: 10°C to 35°C (50°F to 95°F)
  • Humidity: 20% to 90% RH, non-condensing maximum
  • Storage temperature: -10°C to 50°C (14°F to 122°F) (dry only)
  • Pollution: Degree 2

Compliance: ISO 13322-2 Dynamic Image Analysis

Physical specifications: 

  • Case material: Stainless steel
  • Epoxy overcoat finish (optional)
  • Sample transport material: Stainless steel

Dimensions: (H x W x D): 35 x 55 x 12 in (900 x 1401 x 300 mm)

Weight: 132 lbs (60 kg)


The Camsizer Online particle size and shape analyzers are further developments of the PartAn 2001 F/L Particle Analyser from AnaTec, now being developed by Microtrac and Mark & Wedell.

Camsizer Online Brochure


To find out more about our Camsizer Online (3D dynamic particle sizing and shape analysis for real-time process optimization), please feel free to download the product brochure:


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