Hopper Discharge Sampling System

The Hopper Discharge Sampling System (HDSS) is a stand alone sampling system, designed for representative sampling of bulk material. The HDSS can be used for sampling of virtually any type of dry material.

What’s the benefit?

Hopper Discharge Sampling System:

  • Modular design for different application
  • Assembled in sections, can be split up
  • From grab sampling to representative sampling
  • Pre-commissioned (Plug and play)
  • Fully automatic with graphical user interface
  • Pre-programmed sampling sequences
  • If the VAD option is selected, the sampling ratio can be adjusted elictrically

HDSS Product Brochure.

To find out more about our Hopper Discharge Samling System (HDSS) please feel free to download product brochure:

Link to brochure

Jan Flemming Jørgensen (JFJ)

Jan Flemming Jørgensen

Sales Director

What does it do?

The HDSS consist of 3 individual sections that is installed in a solid steel structure and pre-commissioned at our factory.

Section 1 consist of a stainless-steel hopper. The Sampling Hopper can be filled by either a belt/screw conveyor or manually filled from a big bag or container.

Section 2 consist of a Vibration Feeder that ensures a correct dosing of the material. The feeder is 100% closed and sealed so that no material or dust can escape. The sealing also eliminates external contamination.

The speed of the dosed material and position of the valve can be controlled by the operator from the Control Cabinet.

Section 3 consist of a Rotary Tube Divider* that makes a representative division of the material. The RTD can have up to 4 sample outlets dependent of the requirement. The division ratio can be changed by manually moving the lever on the side of the RTD in the ratio 1-15%. In the VAD version the division ratio can be changed electronically from the control cabinet in the range 10-90%.

How does it do it?

Section 1 To ensure that all the entered material pass through the Hopper, two strong pneumatic* hammers are installed, one on each side. This is to loosen any sticky material and to keep a good material flow.

Section 2 Between the outlet of the hopper and the inlet of the Rotary Tube Divider, a Vibration Feeder  is installed to enable correct dosing of the material.

Section 3 The Rotary Tube Divider divides the material with a centred internal dividing pipe. The division ratio can be adjusted manually by adjusting the damper, deciding the size of the sample outlet(s).

*Optionally electrical versions can be offered.


Variant 1 (standard):

HDSS including:

  • Hopper
  • Vibration feeder(s)/Dosing Conveyor(s)


Variant 2:

HDSS including:

  • Hopper
  • Vibration feeder(s)/Dosing Conveyor(s)
  • Crusher/Shredder


Option 1.
Automated: VAD instead of RTD

Option 2.

Height of sampling system/number of divisions can change.

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