Cross-Belt Sweeper (CBSw)

What’s the benefit

The Cross-Belt Sweeper (CBSw):

  • Is a cost-effective solution for tramp metal removal whether for magnetic or non-magnetic metals.
  • Is customized to the client’s specific installation and type of tramp metal.
  • Is a well-suited retrofit unit and can be integrated almost anywhere on existing conveyor belts.
  • Saves time and money allowing for tramp removal without belt stoppage.
  • Increases the uptime in your operation and saves money without belt stoppage.
  • Significantly reduce maintenance costs of the production further on caused by tramp metal.

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CBSw Product Brochure.

To find out more about our Cross-Belt Sweeper (CBSw) please feel free to
download product brochure:


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Jan Flemming Jørgensen (JFJ)

Jan Flemming Jørgensen

Sales Director

What does it do?

The Cross-Belt Sweeper (CBSw) is designed to remove tramp metal from bulk material being conveyed on a conveyor belt.

Without belt stoppage The CBSw will automatically remove tramp metal by a detection system with a minimal waste of usable bulk material.

The CBSw can be integrated on any belt size, speed, and construction. The CBSw is a cost-effective solution that increases uptime in your operation.

How does it do it?

The unit consists of a rotating counter-weighted sweeper which moves in a 360-degree rotation perpendicular to the material direction. The sweeper is driven by a gear brake motor and the conveyor belt is supported and guided by a pair of inclined rollers or guiding plates. The cover house is equipped with hatches allowing easy inspection, cleaning, and maintenance.

When automatically triggered, the cutter is accelerated by the electric motor. It sweeps through the material stream on the conveyor belt in a circular motion, following the supported shape of the belt.

What are the technical details?

  • Cutter: Stainless Steel (AISI304) or carbon steel
    A carbon steel counterweight is installed to reduce the dynamic effects on the support and cutter.
  • Support frame: Painted carbon steel
  • Housing: Stainless Steel plates (AISI304)
  • Gear Motor: SEW with brake or similar
  • Sensors: Inductive type

The CBSw is delivered with either a local control unit or/and is controlled by a M&W central control cabinet depending on concept and local conditions. The M&W central control cabinet consist of motor control center, circuit breakers, PLC-system and man-machine interface.


The M&W central control cabinet can exchange signals with the client’s control system.

Nota Bene 1

Our conveyor belt transports about 6-8 ton of material every hour. Tramp metal is a well-known and very real threat to our uptime. In the two years since we acquired the CBSw from Mark & Wedell it has been triggered up to 450 times daily.

At this point, there can be no doubt that the CBSw has saved our crushers from expensive damage many times over, and we have had a return on investment in less than 6 months.

– Industrial Automation Manager at Etex

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