Dual Splitter.

What’s the benefit?

The Dual Splitter (DS):

  • Is a simple and cost-effective way of splitting a material stream into two sampling buckets.
  • Is easy to install and operate.
  • Has low maintenance costs.

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DS Product Brochure.

Dual Splitter (DS)

To find out more about our Dual Splitter (DS) please feel free to download the product brochure:


Link to brochure

Jan Flemming Jørgensen (JFJ)

Jan Flemming Jørgensen

Sales Director

What does it do?

The Dual Splitter (DS) is used for splitting materials into two sample buckets.

The DS can split materials in the ratio of 25-75% or directed 100% to either the left or the right bucket.

How does it do it?

The Dual Splitter consists of an inlet (flange), a splitting gate with a direction actuator, and two opposing outlets.

The inlet material is directed to the two alternative outlets by a dual-direction flap valve.


1. The M&W central control cabinet can exchange signals with the client’s control system.

2. The DS can also be used to fill up two sample buckets that are placed on a small steel structure. The sample bucket is fastened to both outlets by locking devices. These are easily opened by hand.

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