Welding Guide (WG)

What’s the benefit?

The Welding Guide (WG):

  • Ensures correct positioning of the socket used for the PFS/PFSA.
  • Is a time-saving device with respect to installation of the socket.
  • Reduces the risk of a malfunctioning PFS/PFSA.
  • Is a cost efficent and easy way to install the socket, also for less-skilled workers.

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What does it do?

The Welding Guide (WG) is a tool that ensures a correct positioning of the required socket that enables the Dustless Connector (DC) to be connected to the transport pipe. The DC is used as an instrument port for the Pulverized Fuel Sampler (PFS/PFSA) that is used to extract a representative sample from the full cross section of a fuel pipe. Since, it is critical that the sample head of the PFS/PFSA can rotate freely inside the transport pipe a correct mounting of the socket is essential. The WG secures that the socket with thread is welded perpendicular on and in the center line of the transport pipe.

How does it do it?

Details to follow..

What are the technical details?

Details to follow..

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