Automatic Dust Sampler (ADS)

What’s the benefit?

The Automatic Dust Sampler (ADS):

  • Has an ejector and probe, which can be rotated and locked in any position.
  • Has an adjustable nozzle enabling regulation of suction.
  • Can be used in virtually all industries where particles are being transported.
  • Has an electrical heating-jacket surrounding the cyclone to eliminate condensation.
  • Can be made to collect samples in intervals prolonging the operation period before sample bottle has to be exchanged.
  • Is bolted together enabling easy inspection and maintenance.
  • Has a robust and reliable design.

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ADS Product Brochure.

To find out more about our Automatic Dust Sampler (ADS) please feel free to download product brochure:
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Torben Ekvall (TEK)

Torben Ekvall

Co-CEO and Owner

What does it do?

The Automatic Dust Sampler (ADS) is designed to collect isokinetic (i.e. representative) particle samples from flue gas pipes, or similar particle transport pipes, to enable laboratory analysis of the particle samples.


How does it do it?

The ADS essentially consists of a heated miniature cyclone through which a sample of particle filled gas is continuously drawn by an ejector, operated by the suction in the gas itself. A detachable glass container, secured to the bottom of the cyclone, receives the particles, which is separated out.

The ADS is mounted on the particle transport pipe and is set for isokinetic sampling of particles by selecting a suitable point in the gas stream. The suction velocity at the nozzle is set equal to the flow-velocity around it, which ensures proper representation of different particle sizes.

The samples are collected in a transparent bottle, such that the operator can monitor the collection rate and make notes of any perceptible change in the particles; e.g. the colour of ash particles due to carry-over in unburned carbon.


What are the technical details?

Material type: Particles. E.g. fly ash.

Max. gas temperature: 370 °C.

Efficiency rate: Approx. 99%.

Min. pipe suction: 250 Pa.

Power supply: 230 V/50 Hz or as required.

Power consumption: 100 W.

Standard nozzle size: 5/8” / 15,9 mm.

Max. length of sampling probe: 1500 mm.

Indicative weight: 15 kg.

Sampling probe material: Stainless Steel.

Bas plate material: Stainless Steel.

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