Turow Power Plant – 32 screw samplers – Coal – 2019 .

Customer & Plant
PGE Group & Budimex / Turow Power Plant
32 screw samplers for each ESP Hopper and Air Pre-Heaters

For the new 450MW lignite fired utility unit at Turow, it was decided to extract an ash sample from the electrostatic precipitator. To obtain a final sample that represents the entire precipitator, it was decided to extract a sample from each of the 30 ESP hoppers and the two Air Pre-Heater hoppers.

The hoppers are constantly kept empty during operation and M&W JAWO Sampling proposed to design a screw sampler with material intake in the top and with minimal fabrication tolerances to collect even the smallest particles. To avoid restriction of the ash-outflow, the size of the samplers and their location was carefully selected. 32 screw samplers in total of two different types was delivered by M&W JAWO Sampling.

The Turow Power Plant is one of the oldest coal plants in Poland and has been operational since 1962. In 2014 a project for a new generating plant at Turow was initiated – a USD 870 million project expected to be completed in 2020.

PGE is Polands largest energy company with a production capacity of approx. 16 GW

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