Gyratory On-Line Screen (GOLS)

M&W JAWO Sampling Solutions & Products

The Gyratory On-Line Screen (GOLS) is designed for precise screening and subsequent measurement of particle size distribution in sample material based on gyratory motions. The GOLS works well with dry, dusty and grainy materials such as granules and different types of ore.

Vibration Screen (ViS)

The Vibration Screen (ViS) combines screening with conveying of sample material. It is designed for screening and horizontal conveying of bulk materials such as pellets and granules.

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Pulverised Fuel Sampler Automatic BIO (PFSA-B)

M&W JAWO Sampling Solutions & Products

The Pulverised Fuel Sampler Automatic BIO (PFSA-B) is a portable unit with automatic operation for extraction of a representative physical sample of pulverized biomass from the full cross section of a fuel pipe, inspired by ISO 9931 and improved further. The PFSA-B is primarily used to determine the fuel mass-flow rate of biomass in the pipes fed to the burners and furnace. For optimal measurements, the PFSA-B should be used together with a M&W Dirty Air Pitot Laser (DAPL) to ensure a fully isokinetic sample. By using the DAPL the PFSA-B can receive data directly via Bluetooth.

Asnæs Power Station – Automated Train & Truck Sampling System for wood chips – 2019


The Automated Truck & Train Sampling System (ATTSS) was installed due to Ørsted’s wish to replace power and heat production from coal with wood chips from sustainable sources.

The ATTSS was a complete turn-key delivery and took less than 1 1/2 year to complete.

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