Turow Power Plant – Customised Extraction Screw for Storage Silo .

Customer & Plant
PGE Group/Eurosilo / Turow Power Plant
Customised extraction screw connected to storage silo
Desulphurisation material

In 2019 Eurosilo was supplying the Turow power plant with a customized storage silo. With desulphurization material flowing with +100t/hr through a very short vertical chute on top of the storage silo, there was a need to extract just a few kilos of material per day.

M&W JAWO Sampling produced a customized extraction screw with material inlet in the top and with a 180 degree rotating outer pipe of wear resistant material. The screw sampler is mounted across the chute with a gear motor on one side to drive the screw, and with another gear motor on the opposite side to rotate the outer pipe. The extracted material collected in a 2½L container, placed on a weighing cell, that shows the amount of sampled material.

The Turow Power Plant is one of the oldest coal plants in Poland and has been operational since 1962. The power plant is owned by PGE. In 2014 a project for a new generating plant at Turow was initiated – a USD 870 million project expected to be completed in 2020.

PGE is Poland’s largest energy company with a production capacity of approx. 16 GW

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