REC Solar – Herøya – Silicon – 2019 .

Customer & Plant
REC Solar / China National Bluestar Group
Customised and updated solution for new production line
Recycled material for silicon

After having acquired an automated sampling system from M&W JAWO Sampling in 2005 REC Solar needed a new system for their latest investment in the recycling process of silicon. M&W JAWO Sampling delivered a customised and updated solution for REC Solars new production line in 2019.

The new investments in the recycling of silicon has made it possible for REC Solars production to be 100% based on recycled materials and with a carbon footprint 30 times lower than their competitors.

REC Group was founded in 1996 and is a Bluestar Elkem company and a leading global provider of solar energy solutions. REC has produced more 20 million solar panels amounting to more than 5 GW of clean energy enough to power almost 8 million people at home.

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