OCP M’Zinda – Fully automated sampling system – Phosphatic Fertilizers – 2017 .

Customer & Plant
OCP / M'Zinda Mine
Fully automated sampling system
Phosphatic fertilizers

M&W JAWO Sampling have delivered the automated sampling system for the M’Zinda mine located in the Gantour region and which is the newest of Morocco’s four phosphate mining centres. The sampling system consists of rotary tube dividers, crushers, vibration feeders, dosing conveyors and bucket elevators for reject.

The M’Zinda mine is one out of 8 OCP mining sites in Morocco which mines phosphate rock. Processing of phosphate rock into phosphoric acid and phosphate fertilizers is then done at two OCP processing plants.

The OCP Group is one of the leading exporters of phosphate rock, phosphoric acid and phosphate fertilizers in the world.

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