Global Pharmaceutical Company – Customized Vezin Sampler – Medicinal powder – 2020 .

Customer & Plant
Global Pharmaceutical Company
Customized Vezin Sampler
Free-falling medicinal powder

M&W JAWO Sampling was requested by a global pharmaceutical company to design and manufacture a specially made Vezin sampler for collecting representative samples of very fine medicinal powder for laboratory purposes. Everything was engineered and manufactured in-house.

The solution should handle various quantities (lot sizes) and particle sizes (20-2000 microns)

Sampling requirements: Adjustable in terms of cut frequency, pitch velocity, slide opening and number of cuts.

Furthermore, the electrical design should enable the sampler to collect representative samples with a cut frequency and in quantities determined by the operator from the LCP or remotely from the DCS.

The sample is collected in a plastic bag or a sample bottle attached to the sample outlet.

Operating conditions: Feed Rate: 2 kg/h – 30 kg/h

Lot Size: 1-1000kg

Equipment material: AISI 316 stainless steel.

Equipped with different (replacable) slid sizes and lose flanges that would allow connection to either a 4” or a 6” feed pipe.

Ambient Conditions: Indoor – clean environment.

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