LKAB Narvik – Europe’s largest sampling system installed – 2022/23 .

Customer & Plant
LKAB/ Narvik
Europe's largest sampling solution ever installed
Iron ore & fines

M&W JAWO Sampling has delivered the largest automated sampling systems ever installed in Europe for LKABs two shiploaders in Narvik, Norway. The first sampling system for the Shiploader 1 (new shiploader) was finalized in 2022 and the second sampling system for Shiploader 2 (existing shiploader) will be finalized in 2023.

The combined two sampling solutions consists of more than 75+ individual machines and instruments of which M&W JAWO Sampling has developed and produced +95%. The system contains of a number of newly engineered solutions and include primary samplers (Cross Stream Samplers), a four-way Rotary Tube Divider, a large no. of dividers (manual and automatic), a Gyratory On-Line Screen for particle size distribution, Mortar Crushers, Bucket Elevator, Dosing Conveyors and Sampling Magazines.

The solution enables LKAB to take representative samples of three different kind of iron products with very different properties in accordance with ISO 3082 and entails separate sampling lines for: Particle Size Distribution, Moisture content, Chemical Analysis, Customer sample and Archive Sample.

Each sampling system is housed in two separate sampling buildings of five floors each built primarily for housing the sampling systems and in connection with the new and the existing shiploader. The new shiploader has a loading capacity of 8,000 tonnes/hour (iron ore) with maximum dimensions of 160 meters long and 50 meters tall. Interestingly, the elevator connecting each floor has buttons named after part of the sampling system housed in each particular floor.

LKAB is Europe’s largest producer of iron ore and each year mines around 50 mio. tonnes crude ore in Kiruna, Malmberget and Svappavaara. After processing the ore into high-quality iron pellets or fines LKAB transports its products by train to Narvik in Norway and Luleå in Sweden. From there LKAB ships its products all year around to customers, primarily steel plants, around the world.

In 1996 M&W JAWO delivered to LKAB Kiruna Mine what was then Europe’s largest sampling system ever installed consisting of 4 adjacent cross belt sampling systems including bucket elevators, dividers, crushers etc. The sampling system is still in operation after replacement of the four cross belt samplers in 2004. M&W JAWO has also delivered sampling systems for LKAB Malmberget in 1998 and in LKAB Svappavaara in 2014. The LKAB Narvik sampling solution is the fourth sampling system produced and installed by M&W JAWO for LKAB.

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