Freeport Chemical Plant – Texas – Polymer – 2018 .

Customer & Plant
BASF / Freeport Chemical Plant - Texas
5 specially designed screw samplers for process control of super absorbent polymer
United States

M&W JAWO Sampling supplied five special designed screw samplers for the filling stations for process control of super absorbent polymer to BASF Chemical Division’s plants in Freeport, Texas, USA. The Freeport site consists of 25 plants at which BASF manufactures e.g. acrylic monomers, polymers, caprolactam, dispersions and pigments.

M&W JAWO sampling has delivered sampling equipment to BASF since 2012 to BASF production sites in countries like Brazil, China, the US and the UK.

Several plants at the site are co-owned with Yara International of Norway (also a customer of M&W JAWO) and are some of the world’s largest chemical plants.

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