Avedøre Power Plant – Particle Sampler – Biomass – 2018 .

Customer & Plant
Ørsted/Avedøre Power Plant
Particle sampler for biomass before silo
Wood pellets

In 2018 Ørsted wanted to have automatic samples of fly ash from the transport pipes before reaching the silo for laboratory purposes. M&W JAWO Sampling produced and installed the particle sampler (PS) as a result. A similar device was successfully installed at one of the  units in 2015.

The particle sampler is an automatic sampling device, used for collecting physical dust samples from transport pipes, where the media is conveyed by pneumatic transport. The instrument is compatible with all kinds of dust and small-sized materials for all industries.

The instrument consists of three units: the sampling unit, an air unit and an intelligent control box enabling the instrument only extract air containing material for sampling when the instrument receives information about ash transport taking place in the system. Sampling may be performed over a longer period to record average values of material properties.

Avedøre Power Plant, owned by the Danish Utility, Ørsted, is a combined heat and power plant partly using biomass for heat and power production.

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