Duqm Refinery – EPC2 – Green Pet Coke – 2020 .

Customer & Plant
Petrofac/Samsung JV
Complete automated sampling solution
Green pet coke

M&W JAWO Sampling was asked by PHB Weserhütte in Spain (part of the TSK group) to engineer and manufacture a complete automated sampling solution for green pet coke on behalf of the Petrofac/Samsung JV in Duqm Oman.

This was the fifth project concluded between PHB Weserhütte and M&W JAWO Sampling since 2013 – ranging from sampling of bauxite in Saudi Arabia, a coal fired power plant in Turkey, pelletized sulfur in Saudi Arabia and coal in Finland (at -40 C and ATEX zone 21).

The solution should be able handle moisture content of 12% and be constructed around the existing conveyor belt. Additional moisture from Air-and-Water spraying systems should also be factored in.

M&W JAWO offered a complete solution comprising 8 individual units such as a cross-stream sampler, twin-roll crusher, rotary tube divider, and more. The solution was specially made for sampling of green pet coke, which derives from oil refineries, and is the raw, unprocessed coke out of the coker.

The Duqm Refinery is part of a $15 billion investment in what will be Oman’s next industrial centre, called the Duqm Special Economic Zone. The project is still under construction, and is to be finished in 2022. The site occupies more than 2.000 acres, and will have a capacity to process about 230.000 barrels of crude oil per day.

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