ArcelorMittal Mount Gangra Mining Project – Front-Back Stream Sampler – Iron Ore – 2012 .

Customer & Plant
ArcelorMittal / Mount Gangra Mining Project
Front-back stream sampler
Iron Ore

In 2012 Mark & Wedell delivered a Front-back stream sampler (FBSS) to The Arcelormittal Mount Gangra mining project in Liberia.

The FBSS is an ingenious variation of a cross-stream sampler with very few moving parts. It is designed to extract a representative increment/cut by collecting a complete cross section of the free falling bulk material at the discharge point of the conveyor belt. The FBSS operates within a “front-to-back” cutting motion across the falling stream and delivers the increment to a transverse outlet chute.

The FBSS is used in a Telestack project “Mittal HF2020” where a custom shiploader for iron ore was build and installed in Port of Buchannan, Liberia.

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