Akbaky/Aktogay mines – Gold – 2020 .

Customer & Plant
Altynalmas / Akbaky and Aktogay
Full automated sampling system incl. customized vertical primary sampler

Altynalmas is currently operating several mines at two different sites: Akbaky and Aktogay. M&W JAWO Sampling is in the process of supplying a customized sampling system to be used at one of the production sites. M&W JAWO scope comprises design and supply of a novel vertical primary sampler and a sampling preparation system consisting of crusher, divider, conveyors and a multi compartment magazine for final samples.

Altynalmas is one of the most well-known gold producers in Kazakhstan with a yearly production of approximately 15 tons of gold and 825 thousand tons of ore. Altynalmas meaning gold (altyn) and diamond (almas) in Russian use both surface mining and underground mining and is responsible for the entire process from mining to the end product, Dore gold.