Aktobe Ferroalloys Plant – Quartzite, Anthracite, Bauxite and Coke .

Customer & Plant
Kazchrome / Aktobe Ferroalloys Plant
Two cross belt samplers
Quartzite, anthracite, bauxite and coke

M&W JAWO Sampling has supplied two cross belt samplers to Aktobe Ferroalloys Plant (TNC Kazchrome) for sampling of quartzite, anthracite, bauxite and coke. This project is part of a large-scale production upgrade at the plant’s unique smelting shop no. 4.

TNC Kazchrome is the second largest ferroalloy producer in the world. One of its operating divisions, Aktobe Ferroalloys Plant built in 1943, is the oldest ferrous metallurgy works in Kazakhstan. The plant’s new smelting shop no. 4 commissioned in 2014 uses unique innovative technology of smelting and is equipped with the world’s first direct current submerged arc furnaces for the production of high-carbon ferrochrome alloy.

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