Kazakhmys – Shatyrkul-Zhaysan Copper Concentrator Plant – copper ore and concentrate – 2022 .

Customer & Plant
Two sampling solutions for automated sampling of copper ore and concentrate

M&W JAWO Sampling supplied two sampling solutions for automated sampling of copper ore and concentrate at the new Shartyrkul-Zhaysan Copper Concentrator Plant near the Shartyrkul mine in Jambyl province of Kazakhstan. The sampling solution enables Kazakhmys to take representative samples of both the raw materials (ore) and the plant’s final product – copper concentrate.

The M&W sampling solution is installed at the big bag filling station and consists of a cross-stream primary sampler, a twin-roll shredder, a dosing conveyor, an automatically adjustable rotary divider, a sample collector and a screw conveyor for reject material handling. Samples of pre-crushed ore will be taken directly from the moving conveyor belt with a cross-belt (hammer) sampler.

The plant enables Kazakhmys to process 1,2 million tons of copper ore from the Shartykul and Zhaysan mines. Since ore from the two mines has similar mineralogical makeup and copper content, Kazakhmys decided to build a new plant for processing it locally. The new the copper concentrator plant will process 600,000 tons of ore per year from each of the mines.

Kazakhmys is one of Kazaksthans largest mining groups employing 37,000 people and the world’s 20th largest producer of copper concentrate (271,000 tonnes annually). In addition, Kazakhmys also has a substantial production of silver. This was the 3rd sampling solution supplied to Kazaksthan since M&W JAWO Sampling entered the market in 2020.

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