Elsinore Heat & Power Plant – Automated Train & Truck Sampling System – 2020 .

Customer & Plant
Elsinore Heat & Power Plant (HØK)
Automated Train & Truck Sampling System
Wood Chips

The Automated Truck & Train Sampling System (ATTSS) was installed as part of HØKs wish to replace a gas-fired boiler with wood chips from sustainable sources saving 80,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.

The ATTSS was a complete turn-key delivery and took less than one year to complete.

It takes 4,700 individual and representative samples per annum from both front and back end of truck.
1% error in the moisture calculation means an economic loss of Euro/USD 150,000 per year.

The biomass unit has a total of 70 MW capacity split between 50MW heat and 20 MW power and uses approx. 130,000 tons of wood chips per year

During most of the year the power plant receives 50-60 trucks with trailers per day and as much as 5-6 trucks per hour.

The ATTSS was a complete turn-key delivery taking less than one year to complete.

The system included: Steel structure and platforms, small sampling house, sampling wagon on gantry structure, sampling head/probe, automated weather cover, activation panel, randomizer and light generation system, camera monitoring and detection system, sampling receiver (hopper) and control cabinet/PLC including full installation.

The system was the 4th automated truck sampling system installed in Denmark.
In addition, three have been installed in Sweden.

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