Boliden Harjavalta – Gold – 2020 .

Customer & Plant
Fifth automated sampling system for the Boliden Group

Boliden Harjavalta is one out of five Boliden smelters located in south west Finland, close to the port on the Baltic Sea. M&W JAWO Sampling supplied the Harjavalta smelter with a complete automatic sampling system for gold.

M&W JAWO Sampling has been supplying the Boliden Group with 6 automated sampling systems for materials such as copper concentrate and copper, anode slurry, iron sand and gold.

The Harjavalta smelter’s main products are copper, nickel, gold and silver, as well as by-products such as sulphuric acid and is the only nickel smelter in Western Europe. In addition, the Boliden Group has mining activities in five different locations.

Boliden Harjavalta also has among the lowest sulphur dioxide emissions per produced tonnes of nickel compared to other nickel smelters around the world and the raw materials consist of concentrates and recycled metals.

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