Representative sampling for Precious and Base Metals from Recycled Materials.


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Metals from Recycled Materials.

M&W JAWO Sampling helps customers in the precious and base metals recycling industry with automated sampling machines and solutions for representative and consistent samples of their incoming recycled materials as well as for the processed materials (output).
– For quality analysis of metals and production decisions (how and where to process and extract metals).


In a sector worth approx. USD 65 billion annually, precious and base metals recyclers are constantly on the look-out for more accurate sampling plans and equipment for more precise data as materials are very heterogeneous.


As a result, we have engineered a complete portfolio of products for your specific sampling needs:


  • Primary samplers for determining quality and quantity of metals of incoming materials
  • Secondary samplers and dividers for the division of large quantities of materials into smaller representative samples
  • Inter-stage crushers
  • Sampling transportation equipment (between sample stages)
  • Combined and mobile sampling stations


Incoming recycled materials – M&W JAWO Sampling has installed sampling solutions for:
Shredded e-waste/ Car and Industrial catalysts (SIC & SAC)/ Industrial by-products such as slags, mattes, slurry, bottom and fly ash.


Processed materials – M&W JAWO Sampling has installed sampling solutions for:

Jarosite/ Anode Slime/ Gold & Silver/ Copper Scrap/ Copper Granules/ Copper-, Nickel- and Lead concentrate/ Lead Matte and Sulphates/ Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) from car catalysts and Silicon Carbide (from industrial catalysts).


Getting accurate and precise data of the total lot bought or sold, customers in the precious and base metals processing industry are able to:


  • Verify whether they receive or sell products at the correct price
  • Whether incoming or processed metals meet contract requirements
  • Monitor and optimize production and quality control process


M&W JAWO Sampling has since 2005 delivered automated sampling solutions to the precious and base metals from recycling for a number of customers and plants such as Umicore, Boliden, BASF, Arubis, Glencore Recycling, Johnson Matthey, Sims Recycling, Blue Oak Arkansas, Hindustan Platinum and many others.


Download and read the M&W JAWO Precious and Base Metals Presentation

Project References for Precious and Base Metals from Recycled Materials.


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Customer’s overall objectives are met by M&W JAWO Sampling.

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Ensures correct pricing of bulk materials (buying and selling)
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Quality control of traded goods and compliance with contracts
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Increase of operational efficiency and check of regulatory requirements

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