Sibelco – Stjernøya (Altafjord) – Silica and Nepheline Syenite – 2022 .

Customer & Plant
Sibelco/Stjernøya (Altafjord)
Automated sampling system in combination with an XRF-analyzer installed on a conveyor belt.
Silica and Nepheline Syenite

M&W JAWO Sampling engineered, produced and supervised erection of an automated sampling system in combination with an XRF-analyzer installed on a conveyor belt. The solution had two-fold purposes: Obtaining physical and representative samples for further laboratory analysis in combination with real-time results from the XRF Analyzer of Nepheline Syenite.

The solution consisted of a primary belt sampler, a dosing conveyor adapted for the XRF-Analyzer and an inclined (very steep) screw conveyor for the purpose of transporting sampled material, an XRF-Analyzer, Connecting chutes and a PLC/MMC control cabinet.

The sampling solution was constructed so it could be assembled in several smaller parts since it had to be built onto an existing system with very limited space.

It was engineered to take samples from 40 tonnes/hour of material with a maximum particle size of 0,6mm. Primary increments were then conveyed to the XRF-Analyzer and after measurement transported back by the inclined screw conveyor.

Nepheline Syenite is a plutonic rock containing nepheline and alkali feldspar used for ceramics, glass, plastics and paints.

Sibelco is a global material solutions company with operations in 31 countries. Sibelco sources and processes industrial minerals focusing on silica, clays, feldspat, olivine and cullet (recycled glass) for the construction, metallurgy and glass industries.

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