Convection w. HTS (CvHH).


Convection w. HTS (CVHH)

  • Current: 2-70 kA
  • Coolant: LHe + GHe

The CvHH is a convection type, LHe + GHe-cooled current lead, which introduces high-temperature superconducting material. Section 1 (see sketch) is similar to the traditional CvH, while section 2 has HTS material as conductor of the current. This design requires that the intersection point is kept at a fixed temperature, above the critical temperature of the chosen HTS. Since the HTS part fortunately is a poor conductor of heat compared to copper and the HTS does not have any resistive losses, the amount of heat that reaches the helium bath is very low. This design can be used for operating currents of 2-70 kA.