M&W Big Science products.

Superconducting current leads for particle accelerators, research labs and power transmission.

If you are not finding what you are looking for in Mark and Wedell Big Science, take a look at the JAWO Sampling products or the M&W Engineering Products.

JAWO sampling solutions: Primary samplers - 3 examples
Current Leads
Annulus Pressure Relief for Oil & Gas well intervention and stimulation services
Burst discs/venting panels for Process Industry, Power Plants and Oil & Gas
Performance Liquid Chromatography for Pharma and Biotech
Storage and Mixing Solutions
Other products
JAWO Sampling Products: Primary Samplers
JAWO Sampling Products: Secondary Samplers, dividers and splitters
JAWO Sampling Products: Exctraction Samplers & Online Analyzers
JAWO Sampling Products: Particle Size Reduction
JAWO Sampling Products: Material Transfer Equipment
JAWO Sampling Products: Mixers, Screens and Separators
JAWO Sampling Products: Sample magazines
Control cabinets
Manpower & Services

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