Studstrupværket – On-line measurement of unburned carbon – Biomass – 2019 .

Customer & Plant
Ørsted/ Studstrupværket
On-line measurement of unburned carbon

Ørsted wanted to receive real-time and on-line measurements of the fluctuations of the level of UBC (unburnt carbon) in fly ash subject to variances in fuel input and changes in the combustion process at its Studstrup Power Plant. This information would enable Ørsted to further optimize the efficiency of the power plant as well as its fuel mix.

As a result, M&W JAWO Sampling used its 35 years of experience in producing sampling and measurement instruments for power plants including practical experience of manufacturing instruments based on infrared and micro-wave measurement, to develop and produce such a solution. UBC-3000, is an online measurement instrument based on microwave technology and includes a physical sample collector unit.

The UBC-3000 BIO is the first of its kind in the world to deliver on-line data of UBC for biomass combustion based on micro-wave technology. After positive test results, Ørsted decided to install the UBC-3000 to continuously make accurate measurements of the unburned carbon (UBC) in fly ash and the unit has been operational ever since.

Studstrup Power Plant, owned by the Danish Utility Ørsted, is a combined heat and power plant partly using biomass for heat and power production.

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