Bridging theory, engineering & application for
50 years

Introducing Mark & Wedell

Introducing Mark & Wedell

From the mine to the processing plant, the university or the R&D department to the particle accelerator, Mark & Wedell develops and manufactures engineered solutions and offers sub-contracting services which meet customers needs for machines, measurement instruments, full system solutions and one-stop shop subcontracting and manufacturing services.

Whether you need an automated and representative sampling solution for bulk material, powder, dust particles or ash, feed-throughs and current leads for bridging the cold and the warm terminal or simply CNC machined parts, welding services or control cabinets – Mark & Wedell is here to help.

Mark & Wedell has since 1974 delivered engineered solutions for a wide variety of industries in 85+ countries such as mining, mineral processing and metals refining, power plants, fertilizer, cement, pharma/healthcare, food, oil & gas and Big Science.

Furthermore, customers use us as a sub-contractor and manufacturing partner when our well-equipped machine-, welding- and electrical workshops, engineering and quality control departments are required.

Reducing the need for internal project management and expensive and time-delaying interfaces to other sub-suppliers.

Bridging theory, engineering and application for 50 years

We are located in Denmark between Germany and Sweden.
Our products and culture is a function of:

Contact information.

For representative sampling solutions for bulk materials, powders and dust particles please contact:

Jan Flemming Jørgensen

For superconducting current leads and feed-throughs please contact:

Torben Ekvall

For measurement instruments/ sampling solutions for power & heat plants and annulus protection relief system for oil & gas please contact:

Bjarke Pålsson

For sub-contracting work, welding, machined parts and engineering please contact:

Henrik Andersen

Mark & Wedell business units.

JAWO Sampling

M&W JAWO Sampling offers a full range of automated and customized machines, instruments and complete systems for representative sampling of bulk... material, powder, dust particles and ash for a wide variety of sectors from mining and power plants to pharma.

950 +


3,000 +

Machines / instruments sold

900 +

Customers served

Big science

M&W Big Science serves industrial R&D departments, large scientific research facilities and academic test centers with state of the art current leads... and feed-throughs.

15 +


10 +

Customers served


M&W Engineering designs and manufactures machines, prototypes and parts to the highest standards as a trusted partner for a wide variety of industries... such as pharma, healthcare, food and oil & gas.

10,000 +

Projects / Orders

150 +

Customers served

Our facilities.

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  • Machine workshop

  • Welding Workshops

  • Electrical workshop

  • Mechanical engineering facility

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  • Inspection and quality control

Machine workshop

M&W Engineering - Machine Workshop

Our machine workshop consists of 15+ machines where the majority are CNC lathing and CNC milling machines supported by 3 tonnes crane capacity, along with 10+ skilled operators. In addition, we have experienced employees who work with 3D printing where we can turn your ideas into reality. This allows us to manufacture products under strict requirements from our clients for both small and large orders

Our machine workshop is part of our general ISO 9001:2015 certification to ensure the very best quality and production standards for our customers. In addition, we have defined standards related to environmental management based on ISO-14001 and regarding a safe and healthy workplace based on ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety. Quality management is an integral part of our business model, and we have access to state-of-the-art coordinate measuring machines (CMM), required for maintaining high-quality standards through our 3D measurement capabilities for final dimension control and reports made when applicable.

We have experience working with a wide variety of materials such as mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, duplex, copper, inconel, hastelloy, plastic and much more. We work with technical drawings in standard formats, such as Inventor, SolidWorks etc. and can work in both 2D and 3D models. We use MasterCam for our production in addition to 2D drawings. This enables our customers to save time, by sending us instructions and drawings by mail, for example as STEP, DWG and DXF files.

We have 50 years of experience with projects which require experience in development of specialty machinery and custumised solutions including production and assembly of relevant parts.

Our highly specialised and advanced machines can handle the vast majority of projects both in large and small quantities.

Other machinery

We have 4 large column drills and grinding machinery which can handle difficult materials and tasks

Measurement device

M&W Engineering is ISO 9001:2015 certified and complies with ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. Quality management is an important part of our business model and through the Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Global S measuring machine we can ensure dimensional measurements and inspection tasks.

3D Print

We have experienced engineers that work with 3D printing where we can turn your ideas into reality. We can make quick and competent parts of high quality with our 3D print, such as prototypes, special tools, help material or other components for your company’s needs.

We help you from start to finish regardless of it being just 3D print or from design to 3D print of a prototype or small series.

We primarily 3D print in plastic such as: ABS, PLA, Nylon, PET, Carbon, PBT+ and many others.

We are also able to print with PVA support material. As well as printing in multiple colors.

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Mark & Wedell delivers a full solution.


Our team consists of 50+ employees with both engineering and statistical backgrounds.

We design, build and manufacture products to the highest standards for a wide variety of industries such as mining, mineral processing and metals refining, power plants, fertilisers, cement, pharma/healthcare, food, oil & gas and Big Science. Furthermore, our customers also use us as a sub-contractor when primarily our well-equipped production facilities and manufacturing experience is required.


We have a total of 4,000 m2 of facilities located in Kvistgaard, 30 km north of Copenhagen in Denmark. Four modern workshops comprise 3,000 m2 divided between machinery, welding and electrical workshops along with our engineering and administrative offices of 1,000 m2. We are controlling virtually all parts of the value chain from the design, construction and manufacturing phase to quality control and maintenance removing the need for expensive and time-delaying interfaces to other sub-suppliers.

Management and Ownership.

Bjarke Pålsson

Co-CEO and Owner

Torben Ekvall

Co-CEO and Owner

Jan Jørgensen

Sales Director

Henrik Andersen

Head of Production

Vacant positions.

Job title




Job title






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Mark & Wedell Inventions and Patents.

Mark & Wedell has 50 years experience of developing and inventing products for our customers as well as for our own Business Units.


Over the years, many of such inventions have been successfully commercialized. Examples of inventions we have created in cooperation with our prototyping customers: Hydraulic presses for insulin developed for NOVO (the world’s largest manufacturer of insulin) and used in several of NOVO’s factories as well as the Annulus Pressure Relief System (APRS) developed for Maersk Oil (now Total) enabling oil and gas oil well stimulation at high pressure with more precision and less risk. The APRS is now widely used in the oil & gas sector by several oil & gas companies as well as service companies.


Examples of inventions we have created together with our prototyping customers are:

Patent nr. PR 176794, Denmark

Device and method for measuring residual carbon content in fly ash.

Patent nr. DK 179702 B1, Denmark

Device for measuring flow velocity in a channel such as a pipe or a duct systems that transports dusts, such as cement, lime, food stuff, pulverized coal, or similar dusts.

Patent nr. US 7398702 B2, The US

Automatic system for surveillance of coal dust supply to coal furnaces and collector for the sample collection of coal dust particles.

Patent nr. GB 2418977, The UK

Automatic system for surveillance of coal dust supply to coal furnaces and collector for the sample collection of coal dust particles.

Patent nr. DE 69736953 D1 (EP1009990B1), Germany (EU)

Apparatus for the sampling of coal dust particles from a transporting tube for such particles.

Patent nr. PR 173406, Denmark

Device and apparatus for measuring unburnt carbon in fly ash.

Patent nr. PR 172643 (EP1009990B), Denmark (EU)

Device for sampling carbon dust particles from one transport pipe.

Patent nr. 156257, Denmark

Springs made of rubber or other material having high internal friction.

Patent nr. ZL 97 1 96187.5, China

Method and apparatus for determining the reflection on unburned carbon.

Patent nr. ZL 97 1 97644.3, China

A device for sampling coal dust from a coal dust transmission line.

Patent nr. 2180744, Russia

Method to determine unburned carbon content in fly ash from the heating installaton.

Patent nr. EP 1009990B1, EU

Apparatus for the sampling of coal dust particles from a transporting tube for such particles.

Patent nr. 366906, Sweden

The invention relates to a coupling device for automatic coupling and unloading of units.

Patent nr. 123504, Denmark

Coupling system for automatically connecting and disconnecting carts in an automatic storage facility.

PFS-tandhjulshus Patent nr. DK 180172

Gearhouse for automatic sample extraction unit used to determine the particle mass-flow in a pipe for example biomass or coal dust, in accordance with ISO 9931.

Our certificates and terms & conditions.

Mark & Wedell strives for high quality and responsibility in all aspects of our operations. Quality management, health, safety and environmental initiatives are therefore of the highest importance to us. This is officially approved by several certifications by well-known third-party experts.

Quality Management

Mark & Wedell is ISO 9001:2015 certified as quality management is an integral part of our business model. We implement this in practice by tracking the following three steps: quality planning, quality control and quality improvement.


Mark & Wedell has defined standards related to environmental management based on ISO-14001 which is the international standard that specifies requirements for an effective environmental management system (EMS). Our objective is to improve our environmental footprint as much as possible and thereby reducing energy consumption and pollution (waste, air, smell, and noise). Each year we produce environmental accounts including data regarding: Consumption of: Energy (natural gas, power and oil), raw materials (steel, aluminum, copper, plastic etc.) and ancillary materials (gas, refrigerant/lubricant, welding electrodes etc.) as well as waste/ by-products (iron, steel, paper/cardboard, plastic, paint etc.) and air emissions from production. We comply with all regulatory requirements regarding environmental protection and pollution prevention and have received Environmental Approval by the municipality of Helsinore in Denmark.

Safety and working environment

Mark & Wedell has defined standards to provide a safe and healthy workplace based on ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety. By following this framework we endeavor to improve employee safety, reduce workplace risks and create better, safer working conditions. To ensure this in practice we have formed a Security and Health Committee with representatives from different parts of the organisation including owner-representative. The Security and Health Committee meets 1-2 per annum to discuss and follow-up on potential safety and health issues or ad hoc when certain issues occur. In addition, the Danish Working Environment Authority inspects our production and administration facilities from time to time. Mark & Wedell has earned a green smiley (best category) as a result.


Mark & Wedell is certified to participate in Achilles Utilities NCE (former Sellihca) EU Tender platform.

ISO 9001:2015
Environmental Approval (Miljøgodkendelse)

Issued September 2019 by the Muncipality of Helsinore, Denmark

Achilles Utilities NCE

M&W approved supplier to utilities in Nordic and Central Europe

The Danish Working Environment Authority

Green smiley shows that The Danish Working Environment Authorit

Terms & Conditions

for delivery of Services and Products

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