Mining: 2021 sampling equipment sales for mined materials booming .

Estados Unidos

The 2021 mining boom has led M&W JAWO Sampling to engineer and manufacture sampling solutions for a variety of projects in countries such as Australia, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Norway.

Two factors have driven the 2021 growth in sales of M&W JAWO Sampling products for the mining industry:

  • A general strong 2021 growth of 12.4% in the global mining market (rising commodity prices)
  • Increasing focus – as mined commodities are getting scarcer – to get more precise and representative data about what is mined and/or processed.

2021 Sampling Projects include:

  • 2 Cross Belt Sweepers removing unwanted tramp material on conveyor belts to Capricorn Metals in Australia for the Karlawinda gold mining project
  • A complete sampling system including primary sampler, crushers, conveyors and dividers for the gold recovery plant at the Dzhamgyr gold deposit in Kyrgyzstan For Vertex Gold Company/ Global Dzhamgyr Mining
  • A large sampling system for the SUEK Vanino project in Russia
  • Sampling system for Nepheline Syenite (quartz-free aluminium silicate) in Norway for Sibelco

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