Drax Power Plant – Liverpool and Immingham Port – Wood Pellets – 2015 .

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Drax Power Plant Associated British Ports/Liverpool and Immingham port
Two separate sampling systems for Drax receiving-ports.
Wood Pellets
Reino Unido

After M&W JAWO Sampling had delivered the first automated sampling system for converting coal to biomass for the Drax Power Plant, M&W JAWO was chosen to deliver two additional separate sampling system for both ports at which Drax receives wood pellets mainly from North America. The sampling systems consist of cross belt samplers, dosing conveyors, dividers and sample collectors.

Port of Immingham (owned by ABP) and Liverpool Port (owned by Peel Ports Group) are two out of three UK ports which forms part of the fuel logistic chain supplying biomass fuel to the Drax Power plant in Yorkshire.

20,000 tonnes of wood pellets arrives at Drax every day, and Immingham and Liverpool Ports receive more biomass than any other ports in the world. Port of Immingham has the largest biomass handling facility in the world.

Drax Power Station has a 2,6 GW capacity for biomass and is the largest power plant in the UK generating 6% af UKs electricity supply. Drax has converted four out of six coal fired units to biomass (wood pellets).

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