Jazan Refinery – Automated sampling of by-product – Pelletised Sulphur – 2015 .

Customer & Plant
Saudi Aramco / Jazan Refinery
Automated sampling of by-product
Pelletised Sulphur
Saudi Arabia

M&W JAWO Sampling delivered a cross belt sampler along with a sample collector PKT12L/35 as well as control panel for the sampling of pelletised sulphur to the Saudi Aramco new refinery complex in Jazan. Saudi Aramco exports 3.5 million tonnes of sulphur each year as a by-product by removing the sulphur from petroleum products.

The Saudi Aramco new refinery complex in Jazan is one of the world’s largest refineries covering an area of 12km². The Jazan refinery processes 400,000 barrels per day of Arabian Heavy and Arabian Medium crudes to produce 80 million barrels per day of gasoline, 250 million barrels per day of diesel and more than one million tonnes per annum of benzene and paraxylene petrochemical products.

Saudi Aramco is one of the largest companies in the world by revenue and profitability. Saudi Aramco has both the world’s second-largest proven crude oil reserves, at more than 270 billion barrels and second-largest daily oil production.

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