Novo Nordisk – HPLC columns for insulin production – Co-operation for 40+ years .

Customer & Plant
Novo Nordisk
HPLC columns for insulin production

M&W Engineering has developed and manufactured different solutions and components for insulin production for Novo Nordisk since the 1980’s.

Including the production and installation of over 80+ HPLC (high-pressure/performance liquid chromatography) columns for insulin production – the majority of which are used in the daily production of insulin at various Novo Nordisk plants.

HPLCs are highly improved forms of column chromatography whereby a solvent (here insulin) is forced through pressure designed of up to 100 bar and allowing for optimal separation of the components of the solvent.

M&W Engineering still maintains and provides spare parts for the HPLC columns.

NOVO Nordisk is world’s largest producer of insulin as well as the largest Danish company based on market value.

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