SNIM- Guelb II Project (Mauritania) – Iron Ore – 2012 .

Customer & Plant
SNIM / Guelb II Project
Fully automated sampling system
Iron Ore

In 2012 M&W JAWO Sampling supplied an automated sampling system for iron ore as part of a USD 750 million (Guelb II project) investment to upgrade the existing mining operations as well as expanding to other areas.

SNIM owns and operates several primarily iron ore mines in Mauritania. The mines are located in three main areas. Kédia and M’haoudat which mostly consists of hemalite deposits and Guelb El Rhein which is a magnelite deposit. These three mining areas shift around 75Mt/y of material. SNIM markets several grades: 0mm to 90mm and 8mm to 30mm lump ores, sinter fines and high-phosphorus concentrates.

SNIM was founded in 1974 and is owned by the Mauritanian state. SNIM is the second largest African producer of iron ore. Most of the iron ore is exported to Europe.

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