NTPC Barh – Fuel Mass Flow Sampling Instruments – Coal – 2016 .

Customer & Plant
NTPC/Doosan / 3 Barh Power Stations
Fuel Mass Flow Sampling Instruments

Doosan requested M&W JAWO Sampling to produce four pulverized fuel samplers and four dirty air pitots for each of the three Barh Super Thermal Power Station units for the purpose of determining the fuel mass flow in the pipes through representative sampling.

The Dirty Air Pitot with Bluetooth, Laser and Snap-Lock (DAPL) is a portable instrument which measures the temperature, pressure and flow-velocity in pipes transporting a mixture of air and any kind of particles. The DAPL is fitted with a laser for distance measurements, needed to obtain data for the full flow-velocity profile of the pipe. This data can be transferred using Bluetooth technology to the pulverised fuel sampler (PFSA), enabling isokinetic and representative sampling of the particles in the pipe from the full cross-section of the fuel pipe according to ISO 9931.

For the Bihar project NTPC use the instrument together with the pulverized fuel sampler to sample coal dust before the boiler providing the operator with continuous and accurate information about the flow-velocity and temperature in the fuel pipe in order to optimize the combustion process as well as allowing for physical samples for laboratory purposes

Barh Super Thermal Power Station is owned by the National Thermal Power Corporation and is a coal fired power plant located in Bihar, India. Stage 1 comprised 3 new 660 MW units. In 2016 Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction won a USD 294 mio. contract to build three 660 MW boilers for the Barh Super Thermal power plant.

NTPC is Indias largest power company with an electric power generating capacity of 58 GW and producing 25% of India’s power production. Doosan is a south Korean conglomerate on the list of Forbes’ 500 companies.

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