Cement: Strong growth in M&W JAWO sampling equipment sales to the global market in 2021 .

Estados Unidos

Due to strong global growth in the cement market (average expected growth of 5.1% in 2021-2028) M&W JAWO Sampling has in 2021 delivered sampling solutions to a high number of customers around the world including in the US, Vietnam, Indonesia and Finland.

For example screw samplers with mixing tanks (SMX) incl. local control panels extracting and mixing relatively standard material, customized sampling solutions for very fine powders and Cross Belt Samplers for sampling and veryfying properties of commodity inflows.

Customers include:

  • St. Marys Cement (US)
  • Nhgi Son Cement Corperation (Vietnam)
  • Finnsementi (Finland)
  • PT Solusi Bangun (Indonesia)
  • Cemindo Gemilang (Indonesia)

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