Baffinland Iron Mine – Iron – 2018 .

Customer & Plant
Baffinland Mining Corporation & Thyssenkrupp / Baffinland
Automated sampling system as part of new materials handling system

M&W JAWO Sampling supplied the automated sampling system as part of new materials handling system (processing, storage and transport of iron ore) delivered by ThyssenKrupp Canada with the aim of tripling the material handling capacity to 12 million tons of iron ore per year.

Baffinland Iron Mine (The Mary River Mine) is a joint-venture between ArcelorMittal – the largest steel producer in the world – and Nunavuit Iron Ore and is the 6th most northerly mine 600 km north of the Arctic circle. Highest grade lump iron mine in the world and one of the world’s richest iron ore deposits with iron contents above more than 65 percent.

The mining operations started in September 2014 and the first shipment of its iron ore was made in August 2015.

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