Plastic Bucket (PB)

What’s the benefit?

  • The PB is cost effective solution
  • The PB is light weight

What does it do?

The Plastic Bucket (PB) can be used in many different industries and for many different purposes. The PB include an airtight lid and come in different sizes, typically 6 l, 10 l and 15 l. However, can also be delivered up to 100 l.

What are the technical details?

The lids are air- and waterproof, shock-proof (stødsikre) and possible to seal (plombere).
Standard color is white with red lid.


The PB can include a electronic identification system that tags the bucket to enable easy and correct handling. The technology is Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).

Nota Bene 1

This is not produced by M&W, but bought from Scandrum

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