Control Cabinet (CC-S).

What’s the benefit?

  • Tailor-made solution that perfectly matches the JAWO equipment and ensures optimal operation.
  • M&W has electrical engineers inhouse that design, construct, wire-up and test the equipment (FAT) before shipment.
  • M&Ws electrical engineers and mechanical engineers performs the supervision, installation and commissioning locally at site and thereby ensures a fully operational and optimized solution..

What does it do?

The Control Cabinet (CC-S) controls, powers and protects the machines and is the interface for the operator. The CC-S can also act as a junction box for all power and signal cables depending on configuration. The CC-S is a compact cabinet that integrates all of the required electrical equipment for either one or a limited number of JAWO units.

How does it do it?

The CC-S both serves as a powering unit and controller for the scope of delivery. The unit is fed with electrical power from the customers switchgear and includes a local main switch. The power to the consumers (motors, actuators, sensors etc.) is distributed through switchgears/relays installed in the cabinet. Each motor has a motor protection unit included. Depending on requirement, the motors can be speed and power regulated by means of a frequency converter.

The controller is wired up with all the sensors from the different machines and optionally local control boxes. The PLC is programmed to operate the JAWO system safely at all times, giving maximum flexibility in the operations and responding to changes in the process. The PLC is linked to a user-friendly interface where process parameters are being displayed and operators can control the equipment. Depending on configuration, either an alarm can be sounded/distributed, or the system can shut down to a safe operation mode until an operator interacts with the equipment. The CC-S consist of a motor control center (MMC), circuit breakers (CB), automatic fuses, terminals, PLC-system and man machine interface (MMI).

What are the technical details?

Details to follow..


1. Via remote link our specialists can conduct trouble shooting, programme changes and optimize the entire system.
2. The PLC system can be supplied in a redundant configuration.
3. The CC-S can be delivered with an airconditioned unit.

Note Bene 1

If the customers wishes to provide their own control cabinets our machines can be integrated with their system which eliminates the need of the CC-S. However, in such cases the customer will often require M&W to provide a junction box.
Consumerlist, P&I diagram and logic will be provided.

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