Инженерия автоматизации (AE).

Automation Engineering (AE) is the cornerstone of the manufacturing industry and at M&W it has been an integrated part of our business for decades. The goal of automation is to increase uptime, reduce defects and enable fully automatic operations. On a daily basis, this is helping our customers to optimize their operations and improve their profitability.

M&W has a dedicated team of inhouse automation engineers that identifies opportunities for automation, instrumentation and IT solutions. The AE team designs and develops new products/solutions, performs tests internally and ensures the right documentation. Our AE team is trained proffesionally and their extensive experience enables them to perform both the supervision and commissioning globally at our customer sites. This guarantees that the solution lives up to the customer expectation, while ensuring an optimal fine-tuning.

M&W is committed to continue this journey and especially with Industry 4.0 we embark on new technologies to ensure that we are up to date and have competitive products.

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